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Welcome !

Welcome to my NFL Suicide Pool and Super Bowl Pool Website !


I run a Suicide Pool and a Super Bowl Pool. Go to the Rules and Regulations TAB at the top of the page for more information and rules.



Sometimes, E-mails get sent to my SPAM folder. It sucks, but it happens. Although you may notice on the spreadsheet that your pick is not listed, I always go back and will check my SPAM folder to see if it there. So, do not be worried. If you sent the E-mail, I will correct. Thanks.


For the Suicide Pool, do not forget. After you lose your 1st game and head to the Loser's Bracket, you must pick a team to LOSE !!!!! Although you can re-use teams you may have used in the Winner's bracket, you can not use the same team twice in the Loser's Bracket.




Questions??, E-mail me at [email protected]